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Transforming Young Lives and Building Brighter Futures: 2022 Impact Report 

8 Feb 2024

Endeavour, a Bermuda-registered charity that builds self-confidence and life skills by engaging diverse youth across Bermuda in experiential learning through sailing, releases its 2022 Impact Report

The report illuminates Endeavour’s hands-on learning activities that help students learn by doing as they explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math or STEAM education through sailing, discover Bermuda’s maritime history, inspire an appreciation for marine conservation and encourage maritime career exploration.

6,192 young people across Bermuda have benefitted from engaging in Endeavour’s programmes since 2015, of which 849 young people benefitted from their engagement in Endeavour’s programmes from September 2021 to August 2022 which is the period covered by the 2022 Impact Report. The report is available in its entirety here.

Endeavour is committed to delivering consistent results through robust evaluation and continuous improvement. Endeavour engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Limited (PwC) for an independent assessment and report of the social impact that Endeavour’s programmes deliver in the community.

Highlights from the 2022 Impact Report include:

  • 849 students from 13 schools gained 1,500 hours of experiential education including 500 hours of academic instruction in math and science.
  • 97% of students reported improved problem-solving skills as a result of participating in the Endeavour Middle School Programme.
  • 100% of teacher respondents indicated students were more interested in learning about STEAM education as a result of participating in the Endeavour Middle School Programme.
  • 100% of parents reported that their child improved their confidence and communication skills as a result of participating in the BF&M No Limits Sailing Programme with Endeavour.
  • 100% of participants reported a greater awareness of maritime career pathways and felt more prepared for employment following completion of the Endeavour Maritime Springboard Programme.
  • 94% of students reported that they improved their knowledge and understanding of water safety as a result of participating in the Endeavour Graduate Programme.
  • 14 high school students from 7 schools contributed 1,070 community service hours as Assistant Instructors.

Endeavour is committed to inclusiveness and improving access to opportunities for youth of all backgrounds, skills and abilities. Students participate in Endeavour’s school programmes at no cost to themselves, funded by sponsorships and donations. This ensures that youth across all backgrounds have an equal opportunity to access the life-changing experiences and skills development provided by Endeavour’s programmes.

Endeavour’s programmes include:

The Endeavour Middle School Programme engages every 11-12 year-old student in Bermuda in their first year of middle school across all public, private and home schools in a five-day STEAM education through sailing experience. Learning objectives for STEAM lessons are aligned with the Cambridge curriculum that is implemented in Bermuda’s public schools to build on what students are learning in the classroom, with a specific focus on math and science. Lessons include sailing geometry, buoyancy, wind power and wind measurement, simple machines and mechanical advantage, environmental conservation, sailing fundamentals, and Bermuda’s rich maritime heritage.

Anthony Rocker, Whitney Institute Middle School teacher chaperone shared, “I always thought kids being exposed to sailing was awesome because many of our kids, if not for Endeavour, would not get the opportunity to learn the basics of sailing. Especially living on an Island, they should get this opportunity. Children now are not limited to the island but can navigate the seas as well.”

In partnership with Bermuda’s Ministry of Education, 570 students from 11 schools engaged in the inquiry-based STEAM education through sailing programme during the 2021-2022 school year joined by 119 teachers who contributed 2,580 hours of support over the year.

The Endeavour Graduate Programme offers a retention pathway for students ages 12-14 years to continue to develop and advance their skills learned through the Endeavour Middle School Programme. 94% of students feel they benefited from their participation in the Endeavour Graduate Programme. 

Tina Smith, mother of a 2022 Endeavour Graduate shared, “Endeavour has 100% built my son’s confidence and he is more open to trying new things. He is a very shy kid and is hesitant to try new things, but when Endeavour offers him a spot to come back, he cannot wait to get out on the water.” 

The Endeavour Assistant Instructor Programme offers leadership development for students ages 15-16 years who have completed the Endeavour Graduate Programme and are interested to become sailing instructors focused on advancing sailing and coaching skills. After successfully completing the programme, Assistant Instructors are invited to volunteer to assist with the Endeavour Graduate Programme and gain community service credit. 

Ruby Creary, mother of CedarBridge Academy student Sivaja’ Perinchief shared, “Endeavour definitely develops skills amongst young people. My son is now an Assistant Instructor and he really enjoys it. My son’s confidence has definitely increased as a result of participating in Endeavour’s programmes. I see how much my son appreciates being a part of it, teaching others what he has learned and I am very happy with how happy my son’s involvement with Endeavour has been. Endeavour is definitely improving access and interest in youth sailing in Bermuda. Thank you to the donors and supporters who make Endeavour’s work possible. It is truly amazing!”

Kim Lawrence, mother of CedarBridge Academy student Kimon Lawrence shared, “It was most exciting when my son Kimon achieved his Assistant Instructor certification. He loves sailing because of Endeavour and the fact that he can grow within the programme is something that he does really enjoy. He takes pride in what he is doing and speaks up more and looks forward to the programme. Endeavour is beneficial to Bermuda and gives the opportunity for young people to see what is available, career-wise, as it has never been an option for many and their interest continues to grow.”

The Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme is a career development and training initiative for Bermudian youth ages 16 and older who are seeking employment in the maritime industry. Young Bermudians benefit from hands-on training, skills development, and practical experience as well as maritime career exploration. 

This seven-week programme is offered in partnership with the Bermuda College Athora Division of Professional and Career Education (APACE) to enhance employment skills of young Bermudians while providing the opportunity to achieve internationally-recognised qualifications from the Royal Yachting Association including sailing instruction, powerboating, marine radio communication, and first aid. 

A key part of this career development and training programme involves interactive career days with local and international maritime organisations to broaden awareness of different career pathways and job opportunities in the maritime industry. Young Bermudians not only build their awareness of the training and education requirements for various career pathways within the maritime industry, but they also build their network of professional contacts who share their own career highlights and tips for success.

Endeavour has established long-standing partnerships with some of Bermuda’s leading maritime employers including boatyards, water sports organisations, marine education charities, government departments, and other marine focused organisations for the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme.

100% of young Bermudians who have completed the programme have reported they have benefited from  valuable skills training and experience toward their goal of working in the maritime industry. 70% of Springboard alumni have secured employment in the maritime industry including several who have joined the Endeavour team in part-time and full-time roles, and many have continued to gain additional training and education after completing the programme.

Endeavour Maritime Springboard Graduate MaLahku Selassie shared, “By participating in the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme, my confidence increased. My experience in the Endeavour Maritime Springboard Programme changed my perspective and my entire career goals. Since completing the programme I have narrowed down my career goals in the maritime industry and achieved additional skills, qualifications and experience as well as I have worked with several organisations including Rising Son, Sail Bermuda, and Endeavour.”

Endeavour also facilitates the BF&M No Limits Sailing Programme, an experiential learning programme that engages students ages 6 to 18 years who are on the autism spectrum and/or with developmental challenges who are enrolled in public schools. Students engage in hands-on learning activities that focus on STEAM concepts applicable to sailing that are complimented by sailing sessions as a form of recreational therapy. 

LaTasha Levon, mother of BF&M No Limits sailor Eddis shared, “My son’s confidence has increased as a result of participating, with him being nonverbal he tends to shy away from the group but now he wants to be involved. He saw that they were learning how to make a boat, how it will float or sink and he was fully engrossed in the entire experience.”

Endeavour Chairperson Tom Miller reports, “We are exceptionally proud of the impact that we are making through Endeavour’s programmes that benefit diverse youth across Bermuda. We are thankful for the many supporters who make Endeavour’s work possible, including lead founding partner Orbis Investments, along with Arch Capital Group Ltd., PwC Bermuda, and BF&M Ltd. who enable us to provide Endeavour’s programmes free of charge to young people of all skills, abilities and backgrounds. You’ve helped us to change lives. As we look to the future we are excited as ever as we make a meaningful difference in young lives across our Island.”

Endeavour’s Executive Director, Jennifer Pitcher states, “We’re incredibly humbled to serve Bermuda’s youth through Endeavour’s hands-on education through sailing programmes that build life skills that are vital for academic and personal success. We’re endlessly grateful for the support and commitment from our community that makes our work possible – from our dedicated staff, Board and volunteers to our valued donors, partners and supporters. Together, we’re building brighter futures for Bermuda’s youth who emerge from Endeavour’s programmes with increased confidence, enhanced skills, and a lifelong appreciation for learning! We look forward to continuing our work that empowers and inspires Bermuda’s youth, and we’re excited for what the future holds.”

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