Investing in Endeavour Community Sailing empowers Bermuda’s youth with education through sailing

When you make a donation to Endeavour Community Sailing, you enable us to make sailing more accessible in Bermuda, inspire interest in STEAM subjects through experiential learning through sailing, and develop future leaders as our Island’s youth build their confidence and transform their skills through participating in Endeavour’s impactful programmes. We appreciate your support and kind generosity!

Please consider supporting Endeavour Community Sailing, registered charity #977.

Click here for some examples of how your support of Endeavour Community Sailing can be life-changing for Bermuda’s youth.


Additional information

Donation Refund & Cancellation Terms

Endeavour Community Sailing does not offer refunds on donations. However, we recognise that special circumstances can arise. We are approachable so please feel free to contact us on with any concerns regarding your donation. Should Endeavour Community Sailing be able to consider your refund or cancellation due to special circumstances, requests must be made within 30 days of the transaction.

International Donors

We appreciate your interest to support Endeavour Community Sailing. We encourage U.S. Taxpayers to donate via the Friends of the Bermuda Community Foundation by completing a Gift Intention Form requesting that your charitable donation be distributed to Endeavour Community Sailing.

Gift Intention Form:

The completed form and requests for further information should be sent to Friends of Bermuda Community Foundation via email at . Kindly note that Friends of the Bermuda Community Foundation is a U.S. registered public charity exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its EIN is 38-3938349.

Online transfer

If you’re interested to make a donation via direct deposit please email . We’ll supply you with information for Endeavour Community Sailing’s account details.




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