Maritime Career Springboard Programme

The Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme is a 7-week training programme for Bermudian youth ages 16 and older who are interested and seeking employment in the maritime industry. Offered in partnership with the Bermuda College Professional and Career Education (PACE) Division.

Programme objectives are to increase the number of locally qualified sailing instructors in Bermuda, increase exposure to maritime industry career pathways, and enhance employability skills for local youth to start a career in the maritime industry.

Participants have the opportunity to gain internationally-recognised professional qualifications in sailing and powerboat instruction, marine first aid, marine VHF radio communication.

As well as the hands-on training and sailing instruction skills, participants benefit from an industry knowledge day including resume writing and interview preparation skills, how and where to apply for jobs, best practices of the industry, and an increased exposure to contacts in the maritime industry both locally and overseas.

Additional benefits to participants include:

Skills development: teamwork, problem-solving, communication and presentation.

Increased knowledge of requirements and job opportunities in the maritime industry including Superyachts, Marine & Ports, watersports, shipping and logistics, and more!

The combination of vigorous training and certifications make participants well sought after locally in Bermuda and eligible for opportunities with over 2,500 training schools around the world including the Mediterranean, Caribbean islands, Asia, and the Middle East. 

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