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Generosity makes a difference in our community. All students attend Endeavour’s school-based programmes free of charge. Funding and support to keep our impactful programmes afloat depends on generous donors and supporters like you to sustain Endeavour’s long-term success as we continue to offer life-changing experiences for Bermuda’s young people with hands-on STEAM through Sailing education.

Financial contributions are critical to ensure the continued success of Endeavour’s programmes and enable us to make a lasting impact in our community. Please consider supporting Endeavour, registered charity #977.

Maximise impact: the greater the value of your donation amplifies impact in our community!


Here are some examples of how your support of our programmes can be life-changing for our Island’s youth:

Endeavour Middle‐School Programme

  • $250 provides 1 middle school student with the opportunity to develop their skills on and off the water through our STEAM through Sailing education programme .
  • $4,500 allows 18 students to learn about wind, weather patterns, sailing geometry, and much more.
  • $10,000 provides an entire class of middle-school students with the opportunity to learn about buoyancy, discover about Bermuda’s rich maritime history, and navigate a Blo’Kart on land while learning about apparent wind.
  • $20,000 enables all first-year middle-school students at one school to experience sailing a Hobie Wave using the points of sail and boost their teamwork and communication skills.

Graduate Programme

  • $350 provides 1 Endeavour Grad with the opportunity to further advance their skills on and off the water in a fun and safe learning environment over 3 terms (Fall, Winter, Spring).
  • $500 provides 1 Endeavour Grad with the opportunity to further advance their skills and have fun during a 2-week summer clinic.
  • $3,500 allows 18 Endeavour Graduates to continue developing their teamwork and communication skills while improving their sailing abilities through one of our Endeavour sailing clinics offered during school mid-term breaks.
  • $8,500 allows 18 Endeavour Graduates to continue to grow their leadership skills while advancing their sailing abilities in our fun, safe learning environment for a 2-week summer sailing clinic.
  • $15,000 enables an entire co-hort of Endeavour Graduates to experience all of our programme offerings including 18 weekend sessions and 2 mid-term clinics creating the best possible training schedule to develop and advance their skills.


  • Consider organising a fundraising event in support of Endeavour, registered charity 977.
  • Lace up your trainers and add extra motivation to your race by selecting Endeavour to benefit from your participation.
  • Sail a regatta and add meaningful support for your event by asking your supporters to make a donation to Endeavour.

Other Ways to Give

  • Celebrate a meaningful birthday or special anniversary and ask your guests to consider making donations to Endeavour for a ‘party with a purpose’.
  • Leave a lasting legacy by remembering Endeavour in your will, or create an endowment fund that will transform the lives of students who participate in our programmes.

Corporate Sponsorship

Your invaluable support of Endeavour enables us to facilitate access to experiential education for all youth in Bermuda by building their confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills and brightening their futures with education through sailing. Financial contributions are truly appreciated and critical to ensuring our organisation’s long-term success.

By supporting Endeavour, you’re not only helping us to deliver measurable impact in our community, but your business also benefits by:

  • Increased employee morale
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Enhanced brand awareness

Ways to Partner

There are many opportunities to support Endeavour. It’s all about finding the right way to get your staff involved. Whether through employee fundraising or company matching programmes, supporting Endeavour helps build a positive atmosphere, providing a unique benefit when attracting and retaining the best possible people for your company.

Employee Fundraising

Encourage employees to join your company in supporting Endeavour with team-building exercises or through your very own workplace giving programme that will enhance employee engagement, and increase your team members’ sense of pride and commitment.

Company Matching

Demonstrate your company’s leadership and passion to create positive change in the community through an employee-­matching programme. Match a percentage or full donation contributed by your staff, and amplify your company’s impact for the youth who participate in our programmes.

Cause-related Marketing

Highlight your company’s commitment to the community amongst your clients and demonstrate corporate social responsibility by marketing a product or service in support of Endeavour. This will differentiate your product, increase sales and revenue, generate valuable support Endeavour, and enhance your company’s image in the process.

Learn more about how your business or company can support Endeavour.

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