Graduate Programme

Offers a retention pathway for students to continue to develop and improve their sailing skills. Students are observed during their participation in the Endeavour Middle School Programme and evaluated based on teamwork, respect for others, listening skills, willingness to learn, and overall effort.

Students with the highest values are invited to further advance their sailing knowledge and skills through intensive training sessions during school mid‐term breaks, weekends, and in the summer.

Brings together students from different schools to participate together and become friends whilst having fun and developing their skills.

“We literally cried when the end of term letter came. There were no stones left unturned in the Endeavour Programme. A’twa built self confidence, learnt a sport that he now loves and wants to further his studies in sailing. He made the best memories ever and made new friends he may not have met. A’twa became a sailor but most of all he had the most fun ever.”
– Parent of 2016 Endeavour Graduate


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