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Inspired, confident and engaged Bermuda youth with an appreciation for our waters and an excitement for learning and their future.


Building self-confidence and life skills by engaging youth from diverse backgrounds across Bermuda in hands-on experiential learning through sailing.


  • Help Bermuda’s youth from all backgrounds to build self-confidence and develop life skills;
  • Leverage sailing as an effective tool for teaching STEAM Education;
  • Inspire maritime and STEAM career pathways through experiential learning;
  • Enhance opportunities for Bermuda’s youth to start a career in the maritime industry;
  • Integrate youth from different backgrounds and expose to sailing and Bermuda’s marine environment;
  • Increase the retention of youth sailors in Bermuda who continue to pursue the sport of sailing.


Endeavour has engaged thousands of young people from diverse backgrounds across Bermuda in hands-on learning through sailing.

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History of the Endeavour name

Endeavour is a word that will forever be synonymous with the America’s Cup, in its past through the association with the J-class yacht Endeavour, and now with Endeavour, which was initiated during the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda.

The yacht Endeavour is a 130-foot (40m) J-class yacht that was built for Sir Thomas Sopwith to compete in the 1934 America’s Cup. Endeavour was the most advanced yacht of its day, with a steel hull and mast, and came closer to winning the America’s Cup than any other challenger until Australia II finally broke the U.S. dominance of stewardship of the America’s Cup in 1983. Endeavour’s legacy of innovation, excellence, determination and the will to try aligns perfectly with Endeavour, making it a fitting name for the initiative that is educating and inspiring thousands of students in Bermuda.

The inspiration for the Endeavour logo was taken from one of the most famous nautical legends in history, Poseidon. Poseidon’s trident, such a powerful mark in the minds of sailors for thousands of years, underlines the Endeavour brand, providing not only a connection to the millennia of nautical tales, but also Bermuda’s historic Royal Naval Dockyard which features a large statue of King Neptune with a trident in the courtyard of the National Museum of Bermuda, a nod to Bermuda’s rich maritime history.

The definitions of the word Endeavour underline why it is such an appropriate word for an initiative created to inspire and educate young people through sailing:

Verb: try hard to do or achieve something: “they are endeavouring to help their friends
Noun: an attempt to achieve a goal: “an endeavour to inspire and educate young people

Where We Work

Endeavour East Fort located at 2 Convict Bay Lane in St George’s at the T.S. Admiral Somers Building.

Endeavour West Fort, located at 5 Freeport Drive in Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys at the former ORACLE TEAM USA


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