Middle School Programme

5-day experiential education programme featuring Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math curriculum, which we call STEAM through Sailing. Students learn more about STEAM concepts applicable through sailing including buoyancy, wind power and wind measurement, sailing geometry, and sailing fundamentals. Lessons also feature Bermuda’s maritime history, weather patterns, marine debris and its impact on the environment, and health and nutrition.

Takes place from October to December and March to June during the school year. 

Registration is completed via schools. Offered to every middle school student ages 11 – 12 in their first year at the following schools:

Clearwater Middle School The Bermuda High School For Girls
Whitney Institute Middle School Bermuda Institute
Dellwood Middle School Mount Saint Agnes
T.N. Tatem Middle School Saltus
Sandys Secondary Middle School Somersfield Academy
Warwick Academy

The programme was such a wonderful experience for my daughter as well as the others who she traveled with each day. The students were so excited about sailing and about what they were learning. It was more than just learning sailing though. It was about stepping out of their comfort zone and being plunged (not literally :)) into a whole new world that would have never normally experienced in such a comprehensive manner. It taught the students about about themselves. It showed them that they can learn new things and conquer the unknown. They were all a bit uneasy about what they were heading into that Monday morning. They emerged confident, proud, triumphant, excited and their worlds were expanded quite a bit. Thank you for doing such an outstanding job and for putting the time and effort into caring about the youth of Bermuda.
– Mother of BHS student who participated in the Endeavour Middle School Programme


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