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The Endeavour team inspires and guides students as they participate in our experiential education programmes both on and off the water, featuring a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math curriculum, which we call STEAM through Sailing.

Endeavour is dedicated to making sailing accessible to all regardless of socioeconomic background, skill level or physical ability by providing youth with STEAM through Sailing learning opportunities within a fun, safe, supportive, and diverse environment.

ACCESSIBLE TO ALL: Part of Sir Russell Coutts’ vision when initiating conversations with marine industry leaders was to create an educational sailing programme that would allow youth across all communities to experience the joys that sailing offers while developing key life skills, fostering an appreciation for the marine environment, and igniting their minds for learning about STEAM.

Bermuda offers an incredible place to learn how to sail while having fun, building confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills. Sir Russell Coutts’ vision is not lost with the Endeavour team who are highly motivated to make sailing in Bermuda accessible to all and reach as many students as possible while offering a memorable and impactful experience. To ensure youth across all backgrounds have an equal opportunity to be exposed to the incredible life­‐changing experience ‘entry barriers to the sport’ are removed by providing a no-­cost programme.

Why STEAM through Sailing?

Experts agree that professionals in STEAM-related careers use their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math to understand how the world works and to solve real-world problems. STEAM fields are interdisciplinary and build on each other.

Bermuda’s youth face the risk of not competing successfully in the global economy without a strong foundation of STEAM knowledge and education to develop their competitive edge in the job market.

Solution: Endeavour leverages sailing as an effective tool for teaching STEAM education on and off the water through hands-on learning activities based on STEAM concepts applicable through sailing to inspire a love for learning amongst students and encouraging the next generation to pursue STEAM-related career pathways.


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