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Students with autism learn to sail

18 Oct 2017


Students attending Paget Primary school’s autism department have learnt how to “trust the unknown” through the Endeavour’s education-through-sailing programme.

According to Freda Trimm, special aid teacher at the school, the students were taught how sailing demands discipline and teamwork.

Ms Trimm told The Royal Gazette: “Our class motto states ‘You can learn something new every day if you listen’.

“The students have indeed learnt something new. They learnt to calculate distance, the importance of collaboration, how to read the weather and how a sailboat works.

“They also took part in exercises that help them to identify landmarks while experiencing nature with all their five senses.”

Ms Trimm commended the Endeavour staff, describing them as “exceptional and very knowledgeable”.

“Their ability to interact in such a positive manner allowed the students to learn so much during the week,” she said.

“They have embodied the Chinese proverb ‘Teach me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand’.

“The experience was awe-inspiring and the students learnt an amazing amount about sailing.”

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