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Orbis Invests In Endeavour Community Sailing

10 May 2018

Endeavour Community Sailing, a non-profit educational sailing organisation dedicated to engaging students from different socioeconomic backgrounds across Bermuda through hands-on experiential learning and STEAM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math] through sailing education, will benefit from a multi-year investment from lead sponsor Orbis Investments.

Jennifer Pitcher, representing Endeavour Community Sailing, said, “The partnership with Orbis originated in 2015 when Endeavour was established during the 35th America’s Cup to provide STEAM through Sailing learning activities for students across Bermuda.

“Now operating on its own as a registered charity, Endeavour Community Sailing has established strategic priorities and long-term goals to ensure a sustainable future for the non-profit organisation. As a result of the generous support from Orbis, we’ll be able to amplify impact in the community by empowering Bermuda’s youth to pursue brighter futures as a result of participating in Endeavour’s programmes.”

Erin Williams, representing Orbis, said, “Orbis believes that education is essential to shaping the next generation of leaders, and is committed to support programmes and initiatives that enhance educational pathways and positive youth development. This is why Orbis has invested in Endeavour since its inception in 2015, supporting the engagement of more than 2,000 students in Bermuda through Endeavour’s impactful programmes and continues toward a shared vision for its sustainable future.”

Mrs. Pitcher said, “The skills development and life-changing experience that Endeavour’s programmes offer students from all walks of life, really harnesses their potential and helps to broaden their horizons enabling them to see that there are boundless opportunities for them to explore.

A spokesperson said, “Endeavour Community Sailing offers six programmes enabling students to improve their confidence on and off the water, as well as building their communication, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.”

“Endeavour Middle School Programme – A 5-day learning experience for all M1 students, ages 11-12 years old from all middle schools across the Island including public, private and home schools. This programme features an experiential and interactive STEAM through Sailing curriculum which includes measuring wind and wind power, sail area and geometry, buoyancy, marine debris and its impact on the environment, health and nutrition as well as sailing fundamentals.

“Endeavour After-School Programme – An 8-week introduction to the fundamentals of sailing including weather patterns and water safety for P5 and P6 students from thirteen government primary schools across Bermuda.

“BF&M No Limits Sailing Programme – A STEAM through Sailing experiential learning programme which provides activities for students ages 6 years and older on the autism spectrum or diagnosed with developmental challenges as a form of recreational therapy.

“Endeavour Graduate Programme – Created as a retention pathway for students to continue to develop and advance their skills learned through the Endeavour Programmes named above; students are observed during their participation and evaluated based on their willingness to learn, respect others, teamwork, listening skills, and overall effort inviting students with the highest performance values to return for future programme offerings during school breaks in the fall, winter, and summer and weekend training sessions.

“Endeavour Club Development Programme – To bridge the gap between activities offered within and outside of the school system, this programme provides opportunities for students who have completed Endeavour’s programmes and other youth sailors in Bermuda who wish to continue sailing.

“Endeavour Maritime Careers Springboard Programme – Endeavour’s newest offering. This 6-week training programme is offered to Bermuda residents ages 16 and older who are seeking employment in the maritime industry to enhance their employability skills, gain exposure to maritime industry career pathways, and earn qualifications including marine radio communication, marine first aid, and sailing instruction.”

Mrs. Pitcher adds, “We’re thrilled that Orbis shares our vision that youth development and STEAM education are fundamental to a student’s academic success as we’re focused on ensuring that our middle school programme lesson plans are aligned with the Cambridge Curriculum implemented in Bermuda’s public schools to build on what students are learning in the classroom, and enrich their academic experience through fun, experiential learning activities.

“It’s truly amazing to watch each student’s transformation as they grow and learn so much during their experience with Endeavour.”

“Mitchell DeShields, Learning Support Teacher from T.N. Tatem Middle School and a teacher chaperone during his M1 students participation in the Endeavour Middle School Programme believes that his students benefit a great deal from the Endeavour Middle School Programme.”

Mr. DeShields said, “Students increased their knowledge of water safety during their participation and [he] thoroughly enjoyed seeing his students’ enthusiasm experiencing success when sailing and learning new things.”

Tom Herbert-Evans, Endeavour’s Community Sailing Manager, said, “As lead sponsor, Orbis is supporting Endeavour Community Sailing’s operations and programmes ensuring that our team can focus on delivering high-quality education and hands-on STEAM through Sailing activities in a fun and safe learning environment.”

“After their experience with Endeavour, many students, as well as their parents and teachers report students’ confidence levels have noticeably improved. One student’s mother shared that ‘the happiest she has ever seen her son was during his participation in the Endeavour Programme’. Another student’s parents shared that ‘without the Endeavour Programme, their daughter might not have otherwise had the opportunity to experience the joys of sailing’.”

Mr. Herbert-Evans adds, “Endeavour’s programmes are increasing access to sailing opportunities for young people across Bermuda, integrating students from diverse backgrounds, inspiring a lifelong love of learning and igniting an interest to continue building their confidence and skills on and off the water.

“In addition to its programme offerings, Endeavour Community Sailing participates in community events and educational initiatives to expand access to sailing through ‘taster’ sessions aboard Hobie Wave catamarans and enhances interest for STEAM learning amongst the general population. Recent engagements have included the St. George’s Marine Expo and the World Triathlon Bermuda.

“This week, eight Endeavour Graduates representing 4 public middle schools [Clearwater Middle School, Whitney Institute Middle School, Dellwood Middle School, and T.N. Tatem Middle School] will have an incredible opportunity to participate in the Argo Group Gold Cup Pro-Am on May 10.

“Another two Endeavour Graduates representing Dellwood Middle School and Sandys Secondary Middle School are joined by Endeavour Programme Manager Joshua Greenslade and two youth sailors each from Kauai Sailing Association and from New Bedford, Massachusetts to participate in the experience of a lifetime during the Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover in Rhode Island from May 10-15 through an educational partnership with US Sailing.

“In recognition of their longstanding commitment, Endeavour Community Sailing is proud to announce that the headquarters for Endeavour Community Sailing and the Endeavour West Fort located at the former Oracle Team USA base in Bermuda’s Royal Naval Dockyard will be officially renamed to the Orbis Community Sailing Centre at a celebration ceremony this fall.

“Additionally, as part of their lead sponsorship of Endeavour Community Sailing, Orbis employees will have the opportunity to further support the non-profit organisation by contributing their time and talent during Community Days. Mrs. Williams adds, “we’re excited to work together to create long lasting impact on Bermuda’s next generation through Endeavour’s STEAM through Sailing programmes.”

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