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Endeavour makes a positive impact for Bermuda’s youth through experiential learning

7 Jul 2021

Endeavour is a Bermuda-registered charity and nonprofit that builds self-confidence and life skills by engaging diverse youth across Bermuda in experiential learning through sailing. 

Endeavour has released its 2019/2020 Impact report highlighting the positive impact its programmes have had on Bermuda’s young people. For the third consecutive year Endeavour has engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Limited (PwC) to assist in the assessment and reporting of the social impact that Endeavour delivers to the community, and obtaining stakeholder feedback as to how Endeavour is achieving its goals. 

Endeavour’s programmes engage youth of all backgrounds, skills and abilities in hands-on, inquiry-based learning that enables them to explore the world around them through real-life applications of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math or STEAM, discover maritime careers, and experience the joys of sailing while fostering an appreciation for the marine environment. 

A total of 4,420 young people from across Bermuda have engaged in Endeavour’s programmes since 2015. From September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020 695 young people benefited from participating in Endeavour’s programmes.

Endeavour’s programmes include: 

  • Endeavour Middle School Programme
    • Engages every 11-12 year-old student in Bermuda during their first year of middle school in a STEAM through sailing learning experience. Educational modules are aligned with the Cambridge Curriculum learning objectives that are implemented in Bermuda’s public schools to build on what students are learning at school focusing on math and science.
    • During the 2019-2020 school year, Endeavour adapted its programme as a result of COVID-19 to deliver remote learning activities during shelter-in-place. 
    • A total of 281 students from six schools (70% public school and 30% private school) engaged in the in-person experience while 140 students (40% public school and 60% private school) engaged in the virtual learning activities.
    • 86% of students reported they enjoyed learning new things and 81% of students reported that they improved their positive attitude, as a result of their participation in the Endeavour Middle School Programme.
    • 33 teachers contributed 997 hours of in-person support and 40 hours of virtual support for the Endeavour Middle School Programme.

Ms. C. Renee Heyliger, M1 Math and Team Leader, Sandys Secondary Middle School states, “The main benefit of the Endeavour Middle School Programme is that students are required to work as a team which increases their teamwork skills. Also, the programme educates students on science and how that knowledge is required to sail.”

  • Endeavour Graduate Programme
    • Offers a pathway for students who have completed the Endeavour Middle School Programme to continue developing their skills on and off the water. Students are observed during their participation in the Endeavour Middle School Programme and evaluated based on their teamwork, respect for others, listening skills, willingness to learn, and overall effort as well as their interest to continue learning to sail.
    • 132 students from 11 schools engaged in the Endeavour Graduate Programme; with 53% female students and 47% male students.
    • 89% of students are Bermudian. 
    • 87% of students reported an increased confidence after participating in the programme.

Mr. Taeek Somner (father of Endeavour Graduate) stated, “The more my daughter goes to Endeavour the more she builds her confidence. Endeavour has given many people exposure to sailing on the Island.”

Ms. Tracy Astwood (mother of Endeavour Graduate) stated, “My daughter was very nervous being on the water prior to joining Endeavour, now she absolutely loves it and loves sailing! My daughter’s confidence has increased and most notably her independence. She can sail, a task that used to be daunting, and to do this all by herself is extremely valuable. She has also developed water awareness and safety skills because of this programme.”

  • Endeavour Assistant Instructor Programme
    • Provides opportunities for young people that have completed the Endeavour Graduate Programme and are interested in furthering their skills and knowledge. 
    • 20 high school students representing seven schools successfully achieved their Assistant Instructor certificate after a five-day training programme to develop their coaching skills. 
    • 94% of students reported they increased their leadership skills as a result of participating in the Endeavour Assistant Instructor Programme.
    • They volunteered over 800 hours of community service to support younger students in the Endeavour Graduate Programme.
  • Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme
    • 7-week training programme for young Bermudians ages 16 and older to develop skills and experience to better prepare them to work in the maritime industry. Offered in partnership with the Bermuda College Division of Professional and Career Education.
    • 88% of young Bermudians who participated in the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme reported they increased their communication skills as a result of their experience.

Mickey Brangman, 2020 Springboard Grad states, “My experience in the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme opened my eyes to the sport of sailing. I never thought I would sail and now I cannot imagine my life without sailing. It also confirmed my interest in being a teacher and I wish I had this experience when I was younger. It increased my confidence being on the water. It has also built my confidence as a female sailor. I am usually part of a fleet with all men, and this experience helped me to be confident when speaking with them.”

Cristian Roque, 2020 Springboard Grad states, “My life has been tremendously impacted by the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme. I have been exposed not only to numerous valuable opportunities on the Island but also opportunities overseas. This programme has opened up a new career path for me and I am so thankful for this opportunity. There is a great opportunity to grow Bermuda’s marine industry which is closely linked with our heritage.”

One of the ways that Endeavour adapted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been to hire graduates of the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme to assist with programme delivery. Endeavour hired two Programme Instructor interns to support delivery of Endeavour’s programmes in order to have smaller groups to comply with the Government protocol. 

Tristan Loescher, Endeavour Programme Manager stated, “Hiring two Springboard Grads has allowed us to provide work experience and further training to young Bermudians who had previously completed the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme. They have been excellent additions to our team and it has enabled us to continue to deliver programmes while adhering to Government protocols.”

Mr. Loescher added, “Smaller group sizes are great as it allows our team to have more flexibility with lesson plans and junior team members have benefitted from the leadership development opportunities.”

  • BF&M No Limits Sailing Programme with Endeavour
    • Provides experiential learning opportunities as a form of recreational therapy for students ages five to 18 years old who are on the autism spectrum or who have developmental challenges and are enrolled in public schools across Bermuda.
    • 100% of parent respondents reported that their children enhanced their communication skills as a result of participating in the programme. 

“Jenny Purvey (parent of BF&M No Limits student) commented, “When my son first started sailing, he was terrified, however over the years he has become very excited to go on the water. What is great about Endeavour’s programmes is that it gives students who may not ordinarily have access to sailing the opportunity.” 

Ashleigh Lowe, ASD teacher at The Berkeley Institute, stated, “Endeavour improves the students’ academic performance because experiential learning makes them think quickly and activates their critical thinking skills. The STEAM framework requires students to solve real-life problems. Students are more willing to try math and science exercises because Endeavour has increased their confidence and knowledge in these areas.”

“Endeavour has had a major impact on my students and the benefits will be lifelong. Students look forward to going to Endeavour every year, when they know they are going they become so excited! The Endeavour team is supportive, kind and nurturing which is a key element to the success of the programme. They understand that some of the students have challenges and they encourage them to be who they are, and they accommodate them.”

Leatrice Oatley, Endeavour Chairperson, reports, “We are proud of the extraordinary impact that Endeavour continues to create in our community with hands-on learning through sailing that brings together diverse youth from across Bermuda, engages them in experiential learning that inspires them as they develop confidence and skills while learning more about STEAM, the marine environment and maritime careers.”

Jennifer Pitcher, Endeavour’s Community Engagement, Development & Partnerships Manager, states, “We are thrilled to share Endeavour’s 2019-2020 Impact Report that highlights the positive outcomes for Bermuda’s youth that are a result of their engagement in Endeavour’s programmes. Our successes would not be possible without the amazing dedication of Endeavour’s staff, Board and volunteers, educational partners, teachers, donors and supporters. The collective impact of our work and positive feedback Endeavour receives from our stakeholders is a result of a lot of hard work and commitment to Endeavour’s mission and vision. We look forward to our ongoing work together and building on our successes in the future.”

Mrs. Pitcher adds, “100% of Endeavour’s donors reported that they agree that Endeavour has a positive impact on Bermuda’s youth. Huge thanks to the PwC Bermuda team who have helped Endeavour to measure key indicators across Endeavour’s programmes to demonstrate how we are creating a positive impact in the lives of Bermuda’s youth who have been instrumental in helping this report come together. We are deeply grateful for Endeavour’s donors and supporters including lead founding partner Orbis who have supported Endeavour’s work since its inception in 2015.”

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