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Changing young lives through experiential learning

15 Aug 2022

Endeavour, a Bermuda-registered charity that builds self-confidence and life skills by engaging diverse youth across Bermuda in experiential learning through sailing, releases its 2020/2021 Impact Report. The report highlights Endeavour’s programmes and initiatives and the measurable impact they have on the community through improving access for youth of all backgrounds, skills and abilities to experience the joys of sailing, fostering an appreciation for the marine environment and Bermuda’s maritime heritage while igniting young minds for learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math or STEAM and maritime careers. 

5,343 young people engaged in Endeavour’s programmes from 2015 through 2021, of which 923 young people benefitted from their engagement in Endeavour’s programmes from September 2020 to August 2021 which is the period covered by the 2021 Impact Report. The report is available in its entirety here.

Endeavour is committed to continuous improvement and accountability and engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Limited (PwC) for an independent assessment and report of the social impact that Endeavour’s programmes deliver in the community  

Highlights from the 2021 Impact Report include:

  • 923 students from 13 schools across Bermuda gained over 1,500 hours of experiential education including more than 500 hours of academic instruction in math and science.
  • 90% of students reported they were more confident after participating in the Endeavour Middle School Programme.
  • Teachers report 75% of students are more interested in learning about STEAM education as a result of participating in the Endeavour Middle School Programme.
  • Youth of all backgrounds, skills and abilities are exposed to sailing opportunities, with many indicating their first sailing experience is through Endeavour.
  • 14 high school students from seven schools volunteered 525 hours of community service in July and August 2021 as Assistant Instructors. 
  • 100% of young Bermudians reported a greater awareness of maritime career pathways and felt more prepared for employment following completion of the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme.
  • 89% of parents reported that their child improved their communication skills as a result of participating in the BF&M No Limits Sailing Programme with Endeavour.

Endeavour is committed to ensuring that programmes are accessible to all of Bermuda’s youth toward building a more inclusive and equitable community. Students participate in Endeavour’s school programmes at no cost to themselves, funded by sponsorships and donations. This ensures that youth across all backgrounds have an equal opportunity to access the life-changing experiences and skills development provided by Endeavour’s programmes.

Endeavour’s programmes include:

The Endeavour Middle School Programme engages every 11-12 year-old student in their first year of middle school across four public schools and eight private schools, and home schools in an interactive STEAM through sailing learning experience. Learning objectives for STEAM lessons are aligned with the Cambridge curriculum that is implemented in Bermuda’s public schools to build on what students are learning at school focusing on math and science. Lessons include buoyancy, wind power and wind measurement, sailing geometry, simple machines and mechanical advantage, environmental conservation, sailing fundamentals, and Bermuda’s rich maritime heritage.

Whitney Institute M1 Math Teacher, Shar-dae Whitter explains, “I believe that the Endeavour Middle School Programme encouraged students to think outside of the box and made an improvement in their problem solving skills. They are now able to make real world connections with some of the topics in Math.”

Sandys Secondary Middle School M1 students testing their anemometers during the Endeavour Middle School Programme at the Endeavour West Fort in Dockyard.

In partnership with Bermuda’s Ministry of Education, 605 students from 12 schools engaged in the inquiry-based STEAM education through sailing programme during the 2020-2021 school year joined by 94 teachers who contributed 1,500 hours of support over the year. In addition 79 students from one school engaged in virtual learning activities and had an opportunity to get on the water despite schedule adjustments due to COVID-19.

The Endeavour Graduate Programme offers a retention pathway for students ages 12-14 years to continue to develop and advance their skills learned through the Endeavour Middle School Programme. Students are observed during their participation and evaluated based on their willingness to learn, respect for others, teamwork, listening skills, and overall effort and those with the highest performance values who are interested to continue sailing and have not sailed prior to Endeavour are invited to return for training sessions during the summer, and school breaks and weekends in the fall and spring. Students are able to participate in this programme for free thanks to the generosity from Endeavour’s donors and financial scholarships help students to continue to sail with local clubs after completing the programme.

One of Endeavour’s goals is to integrate students representing different socioeconomic backgrounds from across Bermuda, which is achieved through this unique initiative, all while developing their skills on and off the water. Some students and their families have reported they would have not met each other otherwise and new friendships have formed. 

2020 Endeavour Graduates at the Bermuda Optimist Open Championships

The Endeavour Assistant Instructor Programme offers an opportunity to students ages 15-16 years who have completed the Endeavour Graduate Programme and interested to become sailing instructors to take part in a one-week leadership development programme that focuses on advanced sailing and coaching skills. After successfully completing the programme and achieving their Assistant Instructor certificate they are invited to volunteer to assist with the Endeavour Graduate Programme and gain community service credit. 

Endeavour Assistant Instructor Nijanae with Carmela and Alay during the Endeavour Graduate Programme.

The Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme is a career development and training initiative for Bermudian youth ages 16 and older who are seeking employment in the maritime industry. Young Bermudians benefit from maritime career exploration, skills development along with hands-on training and practical experience. This seven-week programme is offered through a partnership with the Bermuda College Professional and Career Education (PACE) Division to enhance employability skills of young Bermudians while providing the opportunity to achieve internationally-recognised qualifications from the Royal Yachting Association including sailing instruction, powerboating, marine radio communication, and first aid. 

A key part of this career development and training programme involves interactive career days with local and international maritime organisations to broaden awareness of different career pathways and job opportunities in the maritime industry. Participants not only build their awareness of the training and education requirements for various career pathways within the maritime industry, but they also build their network of professional contacts who share their own career highlights and tips for success.

Endeavour has established partnerships with some of Bermuda’s maritime employers including boatyards, watersports organisations, marine education charities, government departments, and many more who we partner with for the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme.

54 young Bermudians aged 16 years old and older have gained valuable skills, training and experience toward their goal of working in the maritime industry since completing the programme, and over 70% have secured employment in the maritime industry including several who have joined the Endeavour team.

Jahshon Smith – Endeavour Programme Instructor Intern and Cristian Roque – Endeavour Programme Instructor with students during the Endeavour Middle School Programme

“My knowledge of the marine industry has increased significantly, and I would have never known how many careers and opportunities were available in the maritime industry had I not participated in the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme.” said 2021 Springboard Graduate, Jahshon Smith

Kristopher Cameron (2019 Endeavour Maritime Springboard Graduate) providing a hand-on career site visit at Spar Yard Marine Solutions to the 2021 Endeavour Maritime Springboard cohort.

Applications are invited from Bermudian youth ages 16 and older who are interested in a maritime career to take part in the 2023 cohort taking place from Monday to Friday from January 9th to February 24, 2023. Queries can be directed to .

Endeavour also facilitates the BF&M No Limits Sailing Programme, an experiential learning programme that engages students ages 6 to 18 years who are on the autism spectrum and/or with developmental challenges who are enrolled at Paget Primary, Prospect Primary, West Pembroke Primary, Dellwood Middle School, and The Berkeley Institute. Students engage in hands-on learning activities that focus on STEAM concepts applicable to sailing that are complimented by sailing sessions as a form of recreational therapy. This programme is offered twice a year in April during Autism Awareness Month and in September. 

“My son tends to be nervous to think outside of the box and the BF&M No Limits Sailing Programme with Endeavour helped bring him outside of his shell. He told me that the programme gave him confidence that he could succeed in anything that he does.” – Donna Scraders, mother of Alwyn who participated in the BF&M No Limits Sailing Programme.

Prospect Primary student Alwyn during the BF&M No Limits Sailing Programme in partnership with Endeavour

Endeavour Chairperson Tom Miller reports, “We are proud of what we have accomplished so far and the measurable impact we are making in our community. Our work would not be possible without the incredible dedication of our employees, Board and volunteers, along with the collective support from our education and community partners, supporters and donors. Huge appreciation to our valued supporters including Endeavour’s lead founding partner Orbis for their partnership and unwavering commitment to Endeavour’s work. We look forward to continuing our work together as we make a meaningful difference in young lives across our Island.”

“We are changing young lives across our Island through Endeavour’s hands-on learning through sailing programmes that build collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills that are vital for academic and professional success. Young people who have engaged in Endeavour’s programmes report an increased interest in learning about STEAM, newly developed skills and connections to jumpstart a maritime career, along with an appreciation for environmental stewardship which is increasingly important in today’s evolving world. We are excited to build on Endeavour’s successes as we continue to empower and inspire Bermuda’s youth through experiential learning.” states Endeavour’s Community Engagement, Development & Partnerships Manager Jennifer Pitcher. 

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