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Springboard Programme Benefits Local Youth

3 May 2018

Endeavour Community Sailing, a non-profit dedicated to providing experiential science, technology, engineering, arts, and math [STEAM] education through sailing to Bermuda’s youth expanded its programmes earlier this year to include training to local youth to become sailing instructors, increase their skills, and expose them to maritime industry career pathways.

A spokesperson said, “The Endeavour Maritime Careers Springboard Programme was created with the objective to increase the number of locally qualified sailing instructors in Bermuda as well as enhance employability and career opportunities for local youth to start a career in the maritime industry.

“Bermuda has a rich maritime history and there are simply not enough Bermudians engaged in maritime industry occupations in Bermuda so Endeavour is more than excited to help more young people take pride in our Island’s heritage and pursue maritime career pathways.

“The programme launched in mid-January through a partnership with the Bermuda College Division of Professional and Career Education [PACE] as a pilot initiative with an intense training format from Monday to Friday from 9am until 4:30pm for a 6-week duration.

“There were 12 available spots in the pilot programme, however one participant decided at the last minute they were going to return to pursue their studies overseas.

“The 11 participants who completed the programme are all local Bermudian youth ages 16 years old and older who have a range of interests within maritime industry career pathways and their employment status varies from high school students at The Berkeley Institute to others who were working part-time jobs or unemployed but seeking employment and Bermuda College students who took time off to participate in the programme and gain more experience.”

“Highlights of the programme included hands-on on-the-water training as well as classroom lessons in sailing and powerboat instruction, seamanship skills, marine radio communication, marine first aid, and boat maintenance.

“All training was facilitated by the Endeavour Community Sailing team members and complemented by assessments facilitated by Royal Yachting Association [RYA] assessors at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club affording participants the opportunity to earn internationally recognised qualifications.

“Participants also benefitted from exposure into the variety of occupations in the maritime industry as well as invaluable tips from maritime industry professionals about career pathways and how to be successful in their job search during a Maritime Industry Career Day.

“This day was filled with engaging and informative presentations about the range of opportunities and training requirements for maritime industry careers, which inspired participants who are now more aware of the many different career pathways available to them. Guest speakers described what their current role entails, what skills they use, what a typical day is like as well as discussed the training requirements to enter the field in the maritime industry and highlighted the different career pathway opportunities.

“The Endeavour team is particularly thankful to all of the businesses that provided their support and special thanks to the presenters: Taran Card [Bermuda Maritime Shipping Authority], Captain Mike Moreland and Tristan DeSilva [Spirit of Bermuda / Bermuda Sloop Foundation], Chris Roque [Spar Yard Marine Solutions], Ray Lambert [Bermuda Economic Development Corporation], Mark Soares [Bermuda Yacht Services], Jay Riihilouma [H20 Water Sports], Sam Greenfield [Volvo Ocean Race], Jen Allers, Lee Timothy [Sandys Boat Club], and Mario Thompson [Department of Marine & Ports] for being part of this special event.

“The programme participants were also able to visit a few employers across the Island such as the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre and Spar Yard Marine Solutions to obtain a better understanding for what the different work environments are like in the maritime industry as well as gain insight into the variety of roles that are involved.”

Matthew Stephens, 16 years old, said, “It means a lot to have completed successfully; without the programme I wouldn’t have all the opportunities I have right now. I wouldn’t have any of the qualifications I have now either. So I am very grateful that I was able to participate.”

“The programme has broadened my knowledge in the maritime industry as I have now experience with both powerboats and sailboats. Experiencing both sides has helped me figure out what I would like to do in the future.”

Moriah Wheddon, 17 years old, said, “My participation in this course means being able to open up new opportunities to travel and learn while doing what I love. I now know exactly what path I want to take in the marine industry. I also learned of many career opportunities which I hadn’t previously known about. I am very interested in getting my captains license.”

Daylon Whitter, 16 years old, said, “My participation in this course means a lot! I learned so much from the programme and my understanding and knowledge has grown as I went on the water and applied what I learned which I found very important. My whole life has basically and my attitude has changed as a result of my participation in the programme. I am very focused on my school work and doing well in school.

“In the future I would love to work on sailboats and do hands-on work. I’m also interested in becoming a boat mechanic and I want to race boats in Bermuda both racing boats and fitted dinghys.”

“The Endeavour Maritime Careers Springboard Programme also featured a resume writing workshop, as well as career planning and goal setting sessions to ensure that participants were able to fully prepare themselves for success. Participants not only have their resumes boosted after completing the programme, but they’ve added essential experience and qualifications as well as enhanced their skills such as teamwork, communication, and presentation skills.”

Tom Herbert-Evans said, “We’re quite proud of each participant’s progress over the past couple of months. It has been inspiring to observe their transformation throughout the programme. Regardless of what was going on in their lives outside of the programme with respect to challenges or commitments, they ensured they maintained their dedication to participate in the programme.”

“They have each grown considerably both personally and professionally and we’re excited for what is to come for each of them. They have emerged from the programme with a better understanding of what it takes to be successful either as a sailing instructor or in a maritime industry career with more knowledge and experience to apply themselves in the working world. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them over the past couple of months and we’re thrilled for their accomplishments.”

Joshua Greenslade, Programme Manager, said, “We’re impressed with the determination of the participants who have contributed so much energy and tireless efforts to complete this intensive hands-on programme over the past 2 months. We wish each young person the best in their future endeavours and we’ll be staying in touch with them over the next several months and look forward to seeing them continue to achieve their goals.

“We’re also excited for Tre Maxwell and wish him the best toward his incredible adventure ahead. We know that he will be a great asset to the new Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation Foiling Centre in beautiful Lake Garda Italy. He’s very deserving of this amazing opportunity.”

Tia Tankard, Club Development Officer & Education Assistant with Endeavour Community Sailing, said, “We’re especially grateful to all of the people and organisations who have helped make this pilot programme a huge success including the Bermuda College for all of their support of this new initiative through our partnership as well as the Bermuda Sailing Association for sponsoring the cost of the Dinghy Instructor portion of the course.

“We also appreciate support from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club for hosting some of the training during the programme as well as assisting to facilitate the Royal Yachting Association assessments. We also thank the US Sailing Reach Initiative, the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, the scholarship donors, and the Berkeley Institute. Most of all we are incredibly thankful for the participants and their families for their tremendous effort, their willingness to learn, and their commitment of time and effort to complete the programme.

“No small feat. We look forward to celebrating with them as they move forward and accomplish their goals.”

“We also look forward to the next cohort of participants to commence in January 2019 and will be recruiting for participants in the fall as this programme has now become one of Endeavour’s programme offerings and we’re excited for the future.”

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