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Young Achiever: Italian job for sailor Tre

26 Mar 2018

Tre Maxwell


A young Bermudian’s success in the America’s Cup Endeavour sail training programme has led to a job as a sailing coach in Italy.

Tre Maxwell, 18, will teach children and adults at Lake Garda in the north of the European country.

He will also represent Bermuda in a sailing regatta on the lake before he starts his new job.

Tre said: “It looks like a really nice place. I’m trying to encourage a lot of people to do this. It has really opened up a lot of opportunities for me.”

He added: “It gives you a different perspective on job types — you don’t have to just look at becoming a doctor or lawyer.

“We live around all of this water so why not use it? It is a great sport and a lot of fun. You meet a lot of different people from a lot of different countries.”

Tre has sailed since 2011 but his career took off after he completed the Endeavour maritime springboard programme which earned him international qualifications, including a dinghy instructor certificate.

Endeavour, created through the 35th America’s Cup, joined forces with Bermuda College for the springboard programme.

Tre will spend six months coaching at the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation Foiling Centre in Lake Garda and will also take a foiling instructors course. He said his ultimate professional goal was to compete in the America’s Cup.

Tre added: “I would like to get my foiling instructor and senior instructor courses.

“When I get that, the world’s mine. The America’s Cup was so much fun — that is the future of sailing.

“If I get my qualification, I’m set. My biggest goal would be to compete in the America’s Cup, but one step at a time.”

Tre had to complete a gruelling series of tests over six weeks to qualify as a dinghy instructor, including radio operation, first aid, safety training and power boat certificates.

He said: “I’ve enjoyed being around some good friends and I love sailing. I really wanted the instructor qualification so accomplishing my goals was a burden off my back.

“Before, I wanted to pursue culinary arts but sailing is pretty fun and I’ve always wanted to travel. I also love helping people out. The safety boating part included getting boats up out of the water the proper way — that was pretty interesting.”

Endeavour’s community sailing manager Tom Herbert-Evans saw a talent in Tre when he was sailing from the West End Sailboat Club and encouraged him.

Mr Herbert-Evans said: “While he was doing the springboard course, Tre would volunteer at the weekends and evenings with local organisations and he has been helping with the Endeavour programme to get his experience up before going away. He hasn’t had much experience of teaching but he is eager to pursue it.”

He added there were “lots of opportunities” for young people in sail-related jobs, including superyachts, as well as work with the Department of Marine and Ports, Bermuda Maritime Operations and sail training ship Spirit of Bermuda.

Mr Herbert-Evans said: “In partnering with Bermuda College we wanted to give students a recognisable qualification so they can springboard in to a maritime career or any career actually because the skills are applicable to a whole range of things.”

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