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Endeavour Women on the Water

6 Apr 2023

Endeavour is a registered charity and nonprofit that engages Bermuda’s youth in experiential learning through sailing that builds their self-confidence and life skills. 

Endeavour is committed to encouraging and promoting gender equity in the sport of sailing and more widely in the maritime industry by exposing all youth to the joys of sailing and fostering an appreciation for learning about STEAM education, ocean conservation and maritime careers. 

Endeavour aims to improve access for young people of all backgrounds, skills, and abilities to be represented in the sport of sailing and more widely in the maritime industry including greater participation by females. Endeavour’s commitment to gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls throughout  its socially-inclusive programmes aligns with Goal 5 of the United Nations UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Since 2015, Endeavour has engaged over 6,500 young people across its programmes with more than 50% female participation in its programmes overall. Endeavour’s programmes give opportunities for diverse female youth from across Bermuda to get out on the water, connect with each other and learn more about maritime and sailing opportunities. 

International Women’s Day is a UN-sanctioned event celebrated around the world recognising women for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. It is an occasion to celebrate the progress made towards gender equality and women’s empowerment but also to critically reflect on those accomplishments and strive for a greater momentum towards gender equality worldwide. (

Each year, Endeavour organises an annual Women on the Water event in honour of International Women’s Day to inspire and empower diverse young women from across Bermuda, encouraging participation in sailing and maritime initiatives while providing skills development and networking opportunities. 

Endeavour Grads building skills and learning to tie different knots

The March 2023 event brought together 19 young women ages 12-19 years from schools across the island for a day of empowerment and inspiration. Participants represented ten schools from across the Island: Bermuda Institute, CedarBridge Academy, Clearwater Middle School, Dellwood Middle School, Mount Saint Agnes, Saltus Grammar School, Sandys Secondary Middle School, The Bermuda High School, Warwick Academy, and Whitney Institute Middle School. 

18-year old Bermuda College student and 2021 Endeavour Springboard Grad, Sari Smith, said, “It is wonderful to be a part of the Endeavour Women on the Water event, and it is inspiring to see the diversity of interests amongst female youth sailors who come together for this all female event. I particularly enjoyed hearing from the female guest speakers who are fantastic role models inspiring young women to be confident in their abilities, follow their dreams and accomplish their goals. Young women need to be supported and encouraged, and ensure that their accomplishments are recognised and celebrated.”

2022 Springboard Grad Nijanae Pemberton with Kallie Marcus of Kinetix

17-year old CedarBridge Academy student and 2022 Endeavour Springboard Grad, Nijanae Pemberton shared, “It was a fantastic experience to be a part of the Women on the Water event again this year. It is amazing to see the female youth sailors who are from different backgrounds all come together for a fun day on and off the water. Encouraging young women to get involved with youth sailing is really important to ensure that there is increased female participation in sailing and maritime opportunities. I am excited to see more female representation in sailing and the maritime industry in the future.

Endeavour’s West Programme Manager Kristina Harborne said, “We are thrilled to see female youth sailors of all skills and abilities join this annual women’s day event. It’s incredible to see how far they have progressed since first sailing in the Endeavour Middle School Programme and furthering their skills development on and off the water as part of the Endeavour Graduate Programme during weekends and school breaks. We are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to continuing to support their growth and development.” 

Endeavour Grads with West Programme Manager Kristina Harborne & Kallie Marcus

Endeavour’s Operations Manager Olivia Reilly shared “It’s fantastic to see the girls work together and support each other on and off the water, especially as so many are from different schools and did not know each other prior to the event as Endeavour has two locations. With the high winds we had to be creative for our activities this year, and we created a fun challenge using O’Pen Bics, different paddle options, and trash bags enabling girls to work together applying what they’ve learned about sailing while honing their teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills in a friendly on-water competition. We also had a fun team challenge using Blo’karts and laughter was nonstop as the girls worked in pairs to race around the course.”

Endeavour Grads enjoying fun on the water while working as a team!

Endeavour’s Executive Director, Jennifer Pitcher shared, “We are proud to host this annual Women’s Day event that brings together diverse females for a day of inspiration and empowerment. We are inspired by the extraordinary young women who we meet during their engagement in Endeavour’s programmes. It is an honour to be a part of these young women’s journeys of self-discovery and growth, and we are committed to ensuring they are encouraged and supported. We love seeing their confidence thrive as they develop new skills, discover more about themselves, and feel empowered to take on the world knowing that the possibilities are endless!

Special thanks to Tuck Shop Bermuda for supporting this Women’s Day event with cupcakes!

Heartfelt thanks to our guest speakers who shared their passion and career highlights to inspire our female youth sailors to harness their own inner strength, promote positive self-esteem and go confidently toward their dreams and goals.” 

The following female professionals supported Endeavour’s 2023 Women on the Water event:

Erin Grieg, Chief Mate of Bluenose II, shared her career accomplishments including becoming the first Bermudian woman to hold an unlimited Officer of the Watch License, and inspiring tips for success in the maritime industry. Ms. Greig said, “Women have proven time again that they excel at management roles within the maritime sector. I was honoured to share with Endeavour’s female sailors the expansive, opportunity filled horizon for women who pursue a career at sea and in support of the industry. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and I encourage others to consider these lucrative, adventure-filled jobs.”

Endeavour Grad Chylee with Kallie Marcus

Kallie Marcus – Owner of Kinetix – Natural Movement Ltd.  facilitated an aerial arts session encouraging positive self-esteem and healthy minds and bodies. Ms. Marcus said, “It is critical to encourage all women to prioritise self-care and understand that our minds and bodies are connected. Yoga is the foundation for aerial arts, gymnastics, and any extracurricular activity including on-water such as sailing. Whether it is movement on the ground, in the air or on the water – your movement practice reflects how you are off the mat, and with a conscious movement practice you can overcome challenging situations. It was incredible to see the young women supportive of each other, courageous, and determined while embracing something new. They are developing skills that they will use and carry with them into young adulthood, and it is good for them to harness these skills early on and continue to support and celebrate each other.”

Mia Page Cassine Co-Founder sharing eco-friendly lifestyle tips with Endeavour Grads

Mia Page, Co-Founder of the natural beauty business Cassine, shared tips for leading an eco-friendly lifestyle whilst conserving the environment. Cassine also kindly donated reef-safe sunscreen and beautiful handmade bracelets. Ms. Page said, “It is admirable to see the work that Endeavour is accomplishing with young people through its programmes, in particular encouraging Bermuda’s youth to get involved with marine conservation and maritime careers, and inspiring the next generation of healthy ocean ambassadors and custodians of our reefs. Young people are our Island’s future and are far more environmentally conscious and aware of the importance of living sustainably to protect our Island’s natural resources.”

Endeavour’s Community Engagement Coordinator, Dani Frith said, “We are thankful for our amazing volunteers Elisha Edwards, Nijanae Pemberton, Sari Smith and Tre’sure Nanette who gave their time and enthusiasm and contributed to the success of the 2023 Women on the Water event. They represent some of the female youth sailors who have completed the Endeavour Assistant Instructor Programme and Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme and dedicate their time and energy to support younger sailors. It is inspiring to see the younger sailors look up to the older females and be encouraged to follow in their footsteps.”

Endeavour Grads enjoying a friendly competition on Blo’karts

Mrs. Pitcher added, “We are grateful to Endeavour’s valued donors and supporters for enabling us to create a positive impact in diverse young lives across Bermuda, in particular Endeavour’s founding lead sponsor, Orbis Investments for their unwavering commitment and support of Endeavour’s work with Bermuda’s youth.”

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