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Bermudian youth benefit from Maritime Career Development

9 Mar 2022

Endeavour, a registered charity and non-profit that engages diverse youth across Bermuda in experiential learning that builds their confidence and life skills, partners with the Bermuda College Professional and Career Education (PACE) Division to provide training and career development opportunities for young Bermudians to prepare them for working in the maritime sector.

The Endeavour Maritime Springboard Programme is a unique career development initiative that equips Bermudian youth aged 16 and older who are seeking employment and who are interested in working in the maritime industry with training and career connections to broaden their exposure to maritime career pathways. Participants benefit from skills development, industry qualifications and hands-on experience in addition to connections within the maritime industry.

Endeavour welcomed their fifth cohort since the programme’s inception made up of 14 young Bermudians ages 16-21 years old who took part in the seven-week programme from January 10th to February 25th. Amongst the 2022 cohort there were four females and ten males, including four students from CedarBridge Academy, three students from The Berkeley Institute, one from Saltus and two home school students. Students were able to balance their schoolwork during the intensive programme which runs Monday through Friday and some weekend training as well.

It is fantastic to see more interest from students who have completed Endeavour’s school-based programmes who are maturing and considering their career options show their interest and enthusiasm to further enhance their skills and experience. Six out of 14 participants in the 2022 cohort were Assistant Instructors that have been volunteering with Endeavour over the last couple of years.

During the programme, the 2022 cohort achieved a series of Royal Yachting Association qualifications including RYA Sailing Levels 1 and 2, RYA Powerboat Level 2, RYA Seamanship, RYA Safety Boat, RYA Safe and Fun Safeguarding, RYA First Aid, and RYA Marine Radio SRC Certificate. These internationally recognised qualifications aim to provide a stepping stone for more advanced training whilst equipping young Bermudians with the requisite skills and knowledge to propel them toward their goal of working in the maritime sector.

Whilst all Springboard participants share a common interest to pursue a maritime career, their goals are varied and evolved throughout the programme as they broadened their awareness of various career pathways. Some of their career goals include working at water sports organisations, sailing clubs, working with the Endeavour team, working in ocean science and/or marine conservation and education, marine veterinarian science, and some are keen to gain more experience at sea with overseas sailing expeditions and yacht and boat deliveries. Other career goals include working in marine mechanics, marine engineering, a branch pilot with the Department of Marine & Ports Services, professional sports events photography, professional sailing, and the superyacht industry.

Elijah Samuels, 17-year old student at The Berkeley Institute shared, “My knowledge of the maritime industry has increased dramatically as a result of participating in the programme. I have learned about new fields of work and different aspects of the maritime world. This experience has definitely grown and cemented my desire to become a super yacht captain. The course has been beneficial with upgrading my resume and connecting me with crucial and important networks that I can and will be using to step further toward my dreams and ambitions. I am much more determined now that I have taken these steps and I’ve seen my progress and know that if I can complete this programme that I can keep going getting more certifications and bettering myself.”

Danielle Frith, Endeavour’s Community Engagement Coordinator stated, “We greatly appreciate the support from schools and teachers who have been flexible wherever possible to support their students’ participation in the programme.” 

A key part of the programme involves interactive career site visits to connect young Bermudians with a range of maritime employers to broaden their awareness about maritime career pathways and training opportunities while building their network. 

The 2022 Springboard cohort enjoyed meeting Bermuda’s leading maritime professionals who shared what it is like working in the industry through informative sessions while highlighting training and education requirements for different jobs and insightful tips for success. 

Mrs. Frith added, “We are thankful to Endeavour’s marine partners for their incredible support as they inspire the next generation of Bermudian maritime professionals through interactive career days featuring hands-on learning experiences.” 

Endeavour is grateful to the 2022 Endeavour Maritime Springboard Career Day partners:

  • Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo & Bermuda Zoological Society – Alex Amat, Captain Nigel Pollard and the rest of the BAMZ and BZS team
  • Bermuda Shipping & Maritime Authority – Taran Card
  • Bermuda Yacht Services – Mark Soares
  • BIOS – Kaitlin Noyes and Claire Fox
  • Department of Marine & Ports Services – Maquel Bailey and Pilot Nicholas Maynard
  • K.S. Watersports – Kevin Sousa and Aaron Lindsay 
  • Ocean Sails – Stevie and Suzanne Hollis
  • Royal Bermuda Regiment Bermuda Coastguard – Colour Sergeant Tyler Smith
  • Spar Yard Marine Solutions Ltd. – Springboard Grad Kris Cameron, Chris Roque, and Mark Goodwin
  • Spirit of Bermuda – Lauren Yelle Simmons, Captain Alex Peacock and the Spirit Crew
  • Waterstart – JP Skinner and Phoebe Barboza

JP Skinner, Director at Waterstart Ltd., stated, “We have been discussing the huge value of this collaboration and especially the encouraging days we have spent recently with the Springboard students. I think we all shared a sense that this was the future of successful education in Bermuda!” 

Tre’sure Nanette, 18-year old home school student, said, “I enjoyed learning about the process and steps to take to get an opportunity to work on the bigger ships. It was interesting to learn how many different jobs there are in the maritime industry. I found Mr. Soares’ experiences and the stories he told about being able to work on a yacht and the steps he took to travel the world and coming back to Bermuda to be very interesting. I liked hearing about all of the opportunities available if you work with Bermuda Yacht Services or an opportunity with a super yacht.”

Ruth Mello-Cann, 17-year old student at The Berkeley Institute, commented, “I have a better understanding of the different jobs and opportunities in the maritime industry. I have been able to gain more skills and make connections as a result of participating in the programme. This experience has given me an opportunity to gain qualifications to help me be successful in the maritime industry. I enjoyed the inspirational talk and life stories from Kevin and Arron from K.S. Watersports because it encouraged me to continue aiming for my goals.” 

James Harris, Endeavour’s Operations Manager said, “We are inspired by the level of effort and commitment demonstrated by participants throughout the programme and we are proud of their accomplishments. We congratulate everyone for successfully completing the programme and wish them all the best in the future.”

Karen Smith, Bermuda College PACE Programme Coordinator explained, “As a result of the partnership between The Bermuda College and Endeavour, 54 young Bermudians have successfully completed the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme since 2018. Combining our resources has afforded us the opportunity to offer Bermudian youth an experiential learning platform along with exposure to a vast amount of maritime careers.”

Jennifer Pitcher, Endeavour’s Development & Partnerships Manager stated, “We are thrilled to see the success of the fifth year of the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme which we couldn’t achieve without the invaluable support from our valued partners, donors and supporters along with our dedicated team and Board.  

It is exciting to see the programme continue to grow each year with increased interest from marine partners and maritime professionals who share their own journeys to inspire passion and curiosity while showcasing the many different maritime pathways. 

We are proud to see many of the young Bermudians who have completed the programme in previous years return to share their success stories with the newest cohort and represent different maritime roles including water sports organisations, international sporting organisations, marine mechanics and boat yards, charter boats and so many more. 

Endeavour is honoured to partner with the Bermuda College and maritime organisations across Bermuda toward the continuing success of the programme. We are especially grateful for the support from Endeavour’s lead founding partner, Orbis, as well as Centennial Bermuda Foundation, and Ocean Wilsons Holdings Limited who are generously supporting this career development initiative that is creating positive outcomes for young Bermudians.”
We look forward to welcoming the next cohort in January 2023. Applications will open in fall 2022, and interested applicants can email for more information.

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